About us

Waterside Development Corp, LTD, d.b.a "Waterside logistics" operates a three thousand eight hundred (3,800) square foot warehouse in Zona Franca Bahia de Maimon - "Amber Cove," Waterside Logistics has been designated by DR Cruise Port, LTD to provide the Free Zone Park tenants the following services: cargo receiving, customs inspection coordination, short term storage and final delivery services from the warehouse to the tenants retail location in port. As an independent logistics operator, Waterside Logistics offers retail operators a turnkey solution for handling merchandise from the delivery truck to the retail location eliminating the need for additional personnel and cargo handling equipment to perform these functions. Waterside Logistics will have temperature controlled space of 72-73F in the warehouse for loose boxes or cartons for sensitive merchandise such as chocolates, tobacco products, perfumes and others.

Waterside Logistics can provide upon request cold storage in refrigerated or frozen temperatures in 20' reefer containers. Pricing for these units are available upon request. Waterside Logistics will also provide logistics services to the cruise lines requiring receiving, shipping, storage and delivery of ship spares in transit, provisions and baggage for crew and passengers. Rates for these services also available upon request.